Sebastian Staeger & His Great Shadows Of Blues
Sebastian Staeger & His Great Shadows Of Blues

Band & Special Guests:

Unser Team

Sebastian Staeger

Gesang, Schlagzeug



Singer- Songwriter, Composer

Shadow of Blues, Staeger & Staeger -Drumshow, 

Gastusiker bei.: ULLI BÄER, CREAM Revival Band, Solidtube, The Untouchables, Vienna Housemaster Project, Plastic People of the Universe, Michael Pobisch & Band, Pete Art & his Rock´n´Roll Junkies, Hannes Jaric der Boogie Welteister, Elvis Presley Coverband...

Wasil Schneider



Plastic People of the Universe, Pop for Kids Stadthalle, Shadow of Blues..

Helmut Chvojka



Produzent, Studiomusiker für diverse Projekte, DIE 3, Shadow of BLues

Andi Bauer

special Guest - 2nd Bass


Boogoe Crackers, Floville


Elmar Castillio

special Guest - 2nd Guitar

Rudi Staeger

special Guest - The Legend